Draw it.
Annotate it.
Web Paint provides the following easy to use drawing tools that let you draw shapes, lines, and add text to live web pages and take screenshots. Draw on screen is one the most popular hobbies nowadays
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Extension that allow you to annotate on ANY webpage including Google Apps?! There are several different extensions that do something similar but this one is my favorite. The question about how we can write on top of Google Slides, Docs, Sheets and Forms has popped up a lot recently and this is always my answer for a quick fix. Think of it as a transparent overlay that you can type, freehand draw and draw shapes on. It even has a color picker Note: It is not permanent-there is a camera icon that will take a screenshot of your annotations that you can save.
How It Works
Go to Chrome Web Store
Type Web Paint in search bar. Open Web Paint page.
Click "Add to Chrome" button
Install extension to your browser. Don't forget to pin it in browser bar, to have it always on hand.
Enjoy your Art time
You are ready to draw online and get new experience with Web Paint Chrome extension
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Sarah Lewin
Works super well on old chrome book, adding text, hiding addie/ cc # on screenshots drawing arrows etc on presentations, pics.using for 1 week, did not crash or lag. best feature: can take a pic of the 'edited pic/ screenshot' and save it . 6********, congrats for the smooth, and simple interface
Samuel Willson
This was wonderful! the controls are really easy to understand, even on my laptop things run smoothly, haven't found a single problem! It works on every site! like roblox or google meet, i can doodle on the teacher's face! lol!
Alex Larkins
100% keeping this extension. most extensions i download get deleted in a day, this one is great though. a must-have when you're angry and just need something to scribble on. 10/10, going to recommend this extension to all my friends.
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Join the community of Web Paint!
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